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What is mmHg?

All compression stockings have a different strength in compression rating. The strongest compression is applied at the ankle then gradually decreases as you move up the leg. mmHg is the unit of pressure for compression stockings and socks.

Hg is a unit of pressure but Hg needs to be associated IE : inHg, Inches OR  mmHg millimeters of Mercury.

The mmHg is pressure of mercury and is used to measure the amount of pressure on the superficial venous system.
Medical grade compression has two numbers – at the lower ankle/calf, the pressure is high and this eases off to the lower number higher in the leg.
This facilitates return of blood up the leg by compressing superficial veins and forcing the blood into the deep vein for return. It also reduces the fluid build up in the lower legs if you are prone to swelling.

Standard Compression Classes:

  • Therapeutic Support Class 1: 15-20mmHg
  • Light Compression Class 2: 20-30mmHg
  • Moderate Compression Class 3: 30-40mmHg (Please consult your Physician)