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Wait!  Vulvar what?!

There are a lot of things we don’t learn about pregnancy until after we’re pregnant.  I guess that’s when our moms and girl friends decide we’re ready for the scary and down-right just gross stuff.  One of them is the possible development of varicose veins in the vulvar area, commonly known as vulvar varicosities.

It’s estimated that 10% of pregnant women will develop vulvar varicosities during pregnancy.  They’ll most often occur during a second or third pregnancy and they can get progressively worse with each subsequent pregnancy.  Unfortunately, this pain often goes undiagnosed.  This is because many women choose not to talk to their doctor about the painful, embarrassing thing going on ‘down there’.  Also, when you lay down on the examination table, the vulvar varicosities tend to subside so when the doctor gets a chance to take a look, these little stinkers are nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately, Christine Seering recognized there may be a way to relieve the pain from vulvar varicosities by designing a product that would apply pressure to the vaginal area.  After months of research and consultation with her colleagues in the medical profession, Chris developed the V2 Supporter.

The V2 Supporter was designed for ease of use, comfort and the ability to provide extended pain relief.  It’s small profile lays flat and comfortable against the skin, has adjustable compression and, much like other undergarments, slides on and off easily for those frequent trips to the bathroom.

When using the V2 Supporter for relief of Vulvar Varicosities it’s important to be sure to put the garment on first thing in the morning, if possible before you even get out of bed.  It’s best to apply the pressure as soon as you can after standing up.  This helps prevent the pooling of fluids which is what causes the veins to become distended and painful.

The good news, if there can be good news with this painful condition, is that for most women the vulvar varicosities subside after delivery and they generally do not interfere with the birth process.

The V2 Supporter is also an effective Pelvic Floor Therapy garment.  Physical Therapists and OB/Gyns also like recommending the V2 Supporter for it’s ability to ‘hold stuff in’ for women with a prolapsed bladder or prolapsed uterus.  For some it has been used as an alternative to surgery, others have used it adjunct to surgery to prevent painful swelling caused by these conditions.

Christine Seering, RN – Manager and Product Designer at It’s You Babe, LLC

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