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Herbal Infusion to Sooth Your Perineum

Relieve postpartum pain and discomfort NATURALLY

Ladies – are you slightly (extreme understatement) swollen and sore downstairs after pushing out your gorgeous baby?

Have you heard of a Sitz Bath?  If not then you need to get on to this – literally!

As a new mum it’s so important to take care of yourself; but many of us don’t use the correct means, or have the time, to properly heal and recover once baby has finally been born!  You have so much going on trying to take care of this new human being that soon enough you forget about what YOU need.  Keeping yourself in good form is going to have a happy flow on effect during your postpartum recovery.

Sitz Bath Postpartum CareBeing pregnant and having a baby is a joyful time (for most), but if you’ve been scrolling through Facebook or Instagram looking at posts of the happy mums enjoying life with bubs you’ll soon realise that real life after having your baby isn’t always full of picture perfect moments and coffee shop catch ups.

For many of us mums the natural birth experience may leave us with a sore and swollen perineum which really doesn’t make us feel like glamming it up to head out and about; strolling the shops looking like a cowboy that has ridden his horse for the last 20 hours non-stop!  And here’s where a soothing JINNI MD Herbal Infused Sitz Bath can help YOU…

What is a JINNI MD Herbal Infused Sitz Bath for Postpartum Care?

A postpartum herbal infused Sitz Bath from JINNI MD is the ideal inexpensive solution to relieve your sore and swollen perineum to provide you with a natural, holistic care method for your postpartum woes.  A herbal infused Sitz bath is perfect for those busy new mums who don’t have the luxury of spending hours relaxing in a bubble bath and allows you not to have to resort to unwanted medications to relieve your pain, reduce swelling, prevent infections and help to rebuild wounded tissue resulting from tears and cuts.

All it takes is an easy 10-15 minutes to provide much needed relief for your swollen perineum or painful haemorrhoids and it gives you a quiet break ON YOUR OWN at the same time –hallelujah ladies!

The suggested application for postpartum care is to have a herbal infused JINNI MD Sitz Bath two to three times a day, at only 10 minutes at a time. With a quick and easy set up – you’ll have no troubles fitting this in to even the busiest schedule.

A Sitz Bath is a shallow basin designed to fit neatly over your toilet bowl, and comes with a solution bag for flow adjustments to allow constant irrigation of just these affected areas to provide you with fast relief.  Take a magazine, a book or your smartphone and have a holistic break to clear your head and sooth your pain.

The JINNI MD Herbal Infusion bag included in your postpartum Sitz Bath comes pre-packed to allow for 2 litres of solution and comprises;

  • Comfrey Root – a natural healing property to aid in cell regeneration
  • Yarrow – provides a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory propertiesto treat wounds and assist with improved circulation
  • Calendula – (Marigold flower) anti-infective properties used for wounds or ulcers that are resistant to healing and assists to relieve pain
  • Echinacea Root – anti-inflammatory to alleviate pain. Echinacea also fights infections and greatly improves wound healing with regenerative properties.

The herbal infusion bags are also available to purchase separately if required.

The JINNI MD postpartum Herbal Infusion Sitz Bath is your natural remedy to relieve any postpartum discomfort.  Available at an extremely affordable cost from the trusted and proudly Australian owned WallCann Pty Ltd.

At WallCann we also understand the body issues facing pregnant women – including haemorrhoids, varicose veins, aches, pains, swelling and discomfort, check out our range of JINNI MD Maternity Stockings, It’s You Babe Pregnancy Belly Cradles and Supporters and the Belly Bandit Bamboo Belly Wrap to relieve your pregnancy discomforts.

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