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Nearly half of all Australian adults suffer from the discomfort of Haemorrhoid’s. Discover the simple low cost natural solution from JINNI MD Health & Wellness.

If you’re looking for a soothing restorative process to reduce the inflammation and pain caused from haemorrhoids, then consider the JINNI MD Sitz Bath infused with Epsom salts.

Haemorrhoids are basically expanded blood vessels situated in your anus and rectum that can cause bleeding, swelling, pain and itching.  In some cases these swollen vessels may hang down during or after passing a stool, which can cause even more discomfort.  This problem can be a real pain in the… posterior for many.  About 50% of adults will experience haemorrhoids in their lifetime and they are extremely common in pregnancy – affecting approximately 1 in 10 pregnant women by their third trimester.

Sitz Bath Haemorrhoid CareA JINNI MD Sitz Bath Kit infused with Epsom salts provides numerous natural health benefits including calming down an uncomfortable and irritating condition such as haemorrhoids.  Epsom salt is a pure mineral comprising magnesium and sulphate. When used in a Sitz Bath these minerals help to draw out toxins relieving any itching and swelling, helping to heal any cuts found around your anus or perineum and provide relief from any pain and discomfort.  The cool water does not stimulate any extra blood flow from the swollen blood vessels and help to relax the rectum.
What is a JINNI MD Epsom Salt Infused Sitz Bath Kit?

An Epsom salt infused JINNI MD Sitz Bath Kit is a shallow basin designed to sit over your toilet bowl and comes with a pre-packed Epsom salt infusion blend.  The Sitz Bath kit allows only the effected lower body region to be irrigated with the solution. This application method is one of the most effective and easiest ways to relieve pain, inflammation and discomfort around the affected lower body regions suffering with haemorrhoids, child birth, uterine cramps or prostate infections.

The Epsom salt infused kit from JINNI MD allows an exceptionally easy and hygienic method of taking a Sitz Bath.  All it takes is 2-3 Sitz Bath’s a day for a total of 10-15 minutes each to ease your pain and discomfort naturally. It’s also a great excuse to have some much needed relaxing time to yourself!

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The WallCann health & wellness range also provides a variety of products to help ease pain and discomfort caused to women during pregnancy or post-partum.

Their JINNI MD Maternity Compression Stockings greatly reduce the risk of varicose veins and decrease any swelling or pain during pregnancy.

Should you require support to your torso or hips during pregnancy the It’s You Babe torso and hip support range or the Belly Bandit will soon be your best friend!

To sooth a swollen perineum or the pain caused from an episiotomy try a JINNI MD Herbal Infused Sitz Bath Kit for fast relief.

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