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Knee High Compression Stockings - JINNI MD

Available in sizes S - XXL. Medical Classes 1-3

Knee High Compression Stockings help increase blood circulation throughout your body, which helps boost your energy levels and reduce swelling, tiredness, or soreness in your legs and lower body.

 Ideal for travel or when standing for long periods of time. Comfortable, breathable and a choice of compression and colour. JINNI MD Knee High compression stockings help to relieve symptoms resulting from varicose veins or edema.

JINNI MD compression stockings and socks are made of advanced machine specific lycra with a proportion of microfibre. Features a comfortable band, reinforced toe and an ultra sheer heel. JINNI MD compression apparel is a world leading, best value  and a high quality brand used by many skin and vein clinics. The specifically designed breathable micro fibre provides comfort  all year round whether its summer or winter.

knee high compression socks
knee high compression stockings

Knee High Compression Stocking Features

  • High quality Australian owned by WallCann and ARTG Registered
  • Therapeutic compression wear improves circulation and minimises swelling.
  • Ideal for travel or when standing for long periods.
  • Comfortable, breathable, with a choice of compression, style (Open or Closed Toe) and colour.
  • JINNI MD™ Knee High Compression Stockings and Socks are ideal to relieve symptoms resulting from varicose veins or edema.
  • Made of advanced machine specific LYCRA with a proportion of microfibre, delivering all season comfort. (72% Polyamide 28% LYCRA).
  • Features a comfortable band, reinforced weave of toe and a sheer heel.

Available in sizes Small to XX Large. this handy selection and size chart gives you an easy and accurate aid to ensure for size selection, ensuring you you pick the correct, most comfortable fitting for you. Please view the Jinni sizing chart.

Buy JINNI MD Compression Stockings

Jinni MD is owned by WallCann Pty Ltd
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Compression Indication Guide

Therapeutic Support Class 1: 15-20mmHg

  • For slight varicosities
  • Slight leg swelling
  • Tired aching legs

Class 2: 20-30mmHg: Moderate Compression

  • Symptoms of venous disease
  • Heaviness in legs
  • Beginning of varicosis
  • Prophylaxis of thrombosis

Class 3: 30-40mmHg: High Compression

  • Moderate varicosities and oedema
  • Management of venous ulcers
  • Varicosis
  • Varicosis due to pregnancy
  • Post surgical or after sclerotherapy
  • Effective scar formation after burns
  • Stasis dermatitis due to CVI

Please consult with your physician if you require more assistance on which compression level suits your needs

In some selections choices can be made for Toe Style.

  • Open Toe (only available from 20-30mmHg and above)
  • Closed Toe (all compression ranges)

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