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The Original Prenatal Cradle

Pregnancy support for your back and abdominal area

Prenatal Cradle

The Original Prenatal Cradle helps relieve the symptoms of pregnancy back pain, abdominal strain, sciatica pain and hip strain lordosis. Furthermore, the prenatal cradle can help pubic symphysis and hip separation.

The Prenatal Cradle supporst your torso throughout your pregnancy. The soft flannel backed, medical grade elastic bands are designed to surround and support the entire baby bump.The lower abdomen support band provides a gentle lift. The lower band structure also helps improve circulation and relieve pelvic pressure.The expander bands at the side support the pregnant tummy and reduce back and forth movement strain. Importantly, the expander bands relieve pressure while shifting from side to side in bed at night so you get a better sleep. The Prenatal Cradle shoulder straps cross in front to hold the support bands in place. The Original Prenatal Cradle by It’s You Babe is not weight bearing. Therefore, the cradle will not add pressure to your shoulders.

Prenatal Cradle features

Prenatal Cradle

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Benefits of the Original Prenatal Cradle

Enjoy your pregnancy even more with the comfortable and supportive Original Prenatal Cradle

  • Effective support for the back and abdomen particularly in later stages of pregnancy.
  • In addition the pregancy cradle can help to improve posture while easing many discomforts felt during pregnancy
  • Circulation is improved and leg and ankle swelling is reduced by lifting weight from the Pelvis 
  • Wearing this Prenatal Cradle can reduce back and abdominal pain, pelvic pressure, round ligament strain, hip separation, and the pain from Pubic Symphysis Disorder
  • No lumps or excessive bulk under your clothing
  • Soft, adjustable and secure elastics lay snug against your skin
  • The baby bump design allows you to keep cool and dress to suit your climate.
The Prenatal cradle can also be used as effective orthotic support for non-pregnant patients who have a pendulous abdomen.

Enthusiastically recommended by Healthcare Professionals

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Size Range: 9 Sizes – Extra Petite to Extra Large, plus 2 tall sizes  Colour: White
Fabric Composition: 
64% Polyester, 23% Spandex, 9% Cotton, 4% Nylon

Watch How to Put on the Cradle video

Directions for putting on the Prenatal Cradle

  • Wear the Prenatal Cradle under clothing.
  • Slip on over your head like a T-Shirt.
  • You shouldn’t feel ‘squashed’ into the Cradle. It is designed to smoothly lift and hold without pressure.
  • Adjust the Prenatal Cradle support band up and down for more or less lift
  • No need to remove the Cradle for bathroom breaks.

We always recommend you speak with your doctor when experiencing pain during pregnancy.

To remove the Prenatal Cradle:
1. Simply slip the straps off your shoulders,
2. pull over your tummy
3. carefully step out of the garment.

Washing Instructions: wash in cold water on gentle cycle with like colors. Line Dry. Use a garment bag for extended life of the garment.