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How to put on your compression stockings – pantyhose.

  1. Turn your socks or stocking inside out, except for the foot portion
  2. Take the stocking, folded over itself, with both hands then slip your foot inside leading up the heel
  3. Pull the stocking gradually back up the leg towards the knee or thigh ensuring to smooth out any wrinkles with the palms of your hands or with the use of gloves (optional)
  4. Follow the same procedure for the other leg
  5. Please follow the same procedure above for application of a pantyhose stocking
  6. Once you have pulled both leg parts up to just below the knee, turn the remaining stocking parts back and ease them gradually up towards the crotch assuring to smooth out any further wrinkles
  7. Only now should you pull the body part of the pantyhose up towards the waist.
    Please make sure you are not overstretching the leg length of the pantyhose at this point.