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Compression Stockings Sizing Recommendations

We aim to help you with your compression stockings sizing. Obtain the right measurements to help ensure the correct fit. Remember, first of all to measure yourself in the morning.

What Compression Stockings Sizing is right for me?

compression stockings sizing diagram

 Take the following measurements to determine your JINNI MD™ Compression Stockings Size:

  1. Measure around the ankle –  (cB) Smallest ankle circumference
  2. Measure around the largest area on your calf  –  (cC) Largest calf circumference
  3. Measure just around the area just under your knee  –  (cD) Circumference below the knee
  4. Measure around the largest area of your thigh – (cF) Largest thigh circumference
  5. Measure around the upper thigh (just under your bootm)  – (cG) Upper thigh circumference

We must emphasise that all measurements for compression stockings sizing need to be completed first thing in the morning before active movement is undertaken, before your legs have had a chance to swell. You will have a more accurate fit in the morning and as a result it will make ordering online a breeze. You can be seated whilst taking measurements for your knee high stockings.

*Measure each leg individually & the lengths should be measured (ID, IF, IG) as required.

Stockings Fitting Guide

Compression Stockings Sizing Chart

knee High Size Table

Thigh High Size Table

Compression Arm Sleeve Fitting Recommendations

What size is arm sleeve is right for me?

compression arm sleeve sizing - JINNI MD*To determine what size JINNI MD™ COMPRESSION ARM SLEEVE you require please measure the following:

  1. Measure around your larger upper arm –  (g max) Larger upper arm circumference
  2. Measure around your upper arm – (g) Upper arm circumference
  3. Measure around your lower arm – (e max) Lower arm circumference
  4. Measure around your elbow – (e) Elbow circumference
  5. Measure around your wrist – (c) Wrist circumference

*Complete all measurements first thing in the morning before active movement is undertaken.

Compression Garment Sizing Tips

  • Determine your correct size by following the JINNI MD Sizing Chart.
  • When putting on stockings, remove all jewellery to avoid snagging the material with fingernails.
  • It is important to be shown EARLY the correct way to fit & wear compression garments.
  • Ensure your compression stockings/garment are the right fit to increase the effectiveness and comfort of the compression garment.

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