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How Employees Are Transforming Their Health, Energy Levels & Productivity Simply by Pulling Their Socks up!

TGA Certified Compression Class Stockings are turbo boosting employees’ health, energy levels and productivity, setting them up for success and bringing a high return on investment for their employers. Find out what questions you should be asking to ensure you avoid common compression stocking pitfalls and identify the star performers!


How are employers transforming their staff into well-balanced, healthy and productive employees and energising them for their work and after-hours activities? By telling them to “Pull their socks up!” Not literally of course. In a trend that’s creating an impressive return on investment, employers are supplying their employees with Compression Class Stockings – and both employers and staff are reaping the rewards!

Employers – Turbo boosting staff health & productivity brings the ultimate return on investment!

Employee well being can be costly. Tired and unhealthy employees mean lower productivity, more sick days, a higher staff turnover rate, increased recruitment costs and more workers’ compensation claims. But there’s no need to sign employees up to expensive Corporate Wellness Programs. Supplying them with Compression Stockings is one of the highest return-on-Investment choices you’ll make – and something that will benefit their health year round.

Employees – perform at the top of your game!

If your job keeps you on your feet, not only can you suffer fatigue at work, you’re often too exhausted to enjoy down time with family and friends. Your well-earned time off is spent in ‘recovery mode’ rather than holiday mode! Break the vicious fatigue cycle, enjoy more energy and be at the top of your game for loved ones with TGA Certified Compression Stockings.
When wearing Compression Stockings, you immediately:

  • Improve your blood circulation. The graduated compression massages your legs, relieving swollen, aching ankles and lower body fatigue.
  • Reverse the effects of Venous Insufficiency where valves in your legs stop functioning and blood pools instead of circulating.
  • Reduce your risk of Varicose veins, Edema and Lymphoedema (swelling caused by fluid retention), and life-threatening Deep Vein Thrombosis.
  • Feel less tired and achy and more physically and mentally energised.

Are all Compression Stockings created equal?

No, many of the so-called compression stockings on the market are insufficient or incorrectly graded and do not improve circulation at all. You could just as well give employees a pair of stockings two sizes too small and get the same result – discomfort!

These stockings are easily identified as they are cheaply made and low in price, not clearly labeled with a compression rating and are not TGA Certified. They are not correctly graduated and won’t facilitate the massage action that enhances blood flow in the right direction.

How can I avoid Compression Stocking pitfalls?

With so many compression stockings on the market, how can the untrained eye sort the scientific grade, star performers from the ‘garden variety’ support stockings? Here are some questions to ask before purchase:

  • Are the stockings TGA Certified? The Australian Therapeutic Goods Association will only certify products that meet strict Australian standards of quality, safety and efficacy. TGA Certification is a guarantee that you’re buying a quality product. Australian purchasers may be eligible for a Private Health Insurance Rebate for TGA Certified Medical Compression Stockings like JINNI MD™.
  • Do the stockings come in a variety of graduations? Compression Class stockings – the type used by healthcare professionals – are scientifically graduated. They will always come in a selection of compressions, such as 10-15 mmHg, 15-20 mmHg or 20-30 mmHg, where mmHG is used to classify the pressure of the stockings.
  • Are the stockings stocked by a reputable company? JINNI MD™ is a registered Compression Therapy Range owned by WallCann. Wallcann is an Australian owned and operated family business that has developed a renowned name for sourcing quality products since 2002.
  • Does the company offer excellent sales support? WallCann has a series of useful resources to help with your order including an easy Size Selection Guide, live online help, a customer support line, a downloadable Private Health Insurance Rebate Claim Form and same day dispatch for Australian & New Zealand orders and next day dispatch for international orders.

Why choose JINNI MD™ Stockings?

JINNI MD™ Compression Class stockings tick all these boxes and more. Not only are they high quality and long lasting. They’re good looking and comfortable. Employees will want to wear them. All this without the price tag of other high quality brands!

Furthermore, JINNI MD™ stockings have undergone a rigorous, quality control process by a passionate team of health and wellness experts, because just like you, we like it when things work well – and employee health is not something to gamble with.