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Maternity Compression Stockings Baby Bonus

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Compression Therapy – Put You & Your Baby a Step Ahead!

Want to know how JINNI MD Maternity Compression Stockings can improve mum and baby’s circulatory health? Mums to be can stay one step ahead of varicose veins.

MotherHoldingUpBabySJINNI-maternitySAs an expectant mother, there are the joys we do expect like a beautiful bundle of joy at the end of it. However, there are things we don’t expect, like stretch marks, back pain and haemorrhoids!

Pregnant women are also particularly susceptible to developing varicose veins. Research shows the onset of varicose disease incidents increases by 70% in the first trimester alone. Furthermore, by the end of pregnancy, two in every five pregnant women have varicose veins. The likelihood is higher in women with a family history of varicose veins.

While there are some things beyond your control during pregnancy, there are others you can try and prevent! Reduce your risk of varicose veins. Relieve the stress of circulatory insufficiency on yourself and your baby by wearing Maternity Compression Stockings. JINNI MD sells ARTG Registered products. We want to improve the lives of Australian women.

How do Maternity Compression Stockings work?

When pregnant, your body blood volume increases, while your higher progesterone levels cause your blood vessels to relax. As a result, your valves separate slightly and work less efficiently. This allows the back-flow of blood in your veins. Meanwhile, your uterus presses against the major veins in your pelvic region, increasing the pressure in your leg veins. As your weight increases during pregnancy, so too does the risk of this venous insufficiency. Mums can suffer from Edema (swelling caused by fluid retention) and disorders that affect the blood vessels nourishing their baby. Compression stockings can relieve many of these issues.

Giving baby the best possible start in life begins in the womb

Wearing ARTG registered JINNI MD Maternity Compression Stockings from early to post gestation can improve your blood circulation naturally. This results in a flow-on affect for baby. Both mother and baby’s pulse frequency can improve and the graduated compression massages mum’s legs, relieves swollen, aching ankles and lower body fatigue. Allowing you to remain happy, healthy and active during your pregnancy.

Are all Compression Stockings created equal?

No, many of the so-called compression stockings on the market are insufficient or incorrectly graded.

Furthermore, some do not improve circulation at all. You could just as well buy a pair of stockings two sizes too small and get the same result – discomfort! These stockings are easily identified as they are not clearly labeled with a compression rating.

How can I ensure I’m buying Maternity Compression Stockings that actually work?

JINNI MD Compression Class stockings – the type used by healthcare professionals – are Australian ARTG registered and scientifically graduated. They will always come in a selection of compressions.
Many private health insurers offer a significant rebate for ARTG Registered Medical Compression Garments.

Which Compression Rating is right for me?increasing graduated compression in the legs

Compression Stockings are designed with highest compression around the ankle, decreasing up the calf to the thigh. There are varying degrees of compression:

Class 1 (moderate compression): Exerts a graduated pressure 20mmHg at the ankle, decreasing to 15mmHg at the calf and thigh. Helps prevent and relieve minor to moderate varicose veins during pregnancy. Helps relieve tired, aching legs and minor swelling of the feet, ankles and legs (prescription not required).

Class 2 (firm compression): Exerts a graduated pressure of 30mmHg at the ankle, decreasing to 20mmHg at the calf and thigh. Helps prevent and relieve moderate to severe varicose veins during pregnancy. Helps in the treatment of moderate to severe Edema or Lymphoedema (prescription not required).

Class 3 (extra firm compression): Exerts a graduated pressure of 40mmHg at the ankle, decreasing to 30mmHg at the calf and thigh. Helps prevent and relieve severe varicose veins during pregnancy. Used in the treatment of severe Edema and Lymphoedema (prescription required – seek medical advice).

Important – Check Label for: Australian ARTG Registered and clearly labelled graduated compression class as a check for quality and effectiveness needs.

Class 1: Compression 15-20mmHg – Prescription not required.  Class 2: Compression 20-30mmHg – Prescription not required. Class 3: Compression 30-40mmHg – Prescription recommended. Additionally, please seek medical advice to determine your correct compression class.

Why buy from WallCann?

WallCann is an Australian owned, family business. We have developed a reputable name for sourcing superior products since 2002. Our products undergo a rigorous, quality control process by uur passionate team of maternity, mobility, camping and wellness experts. Just like you, we like it when things work well!